Time to change: A new digital direction for Black Architecture

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Client: Black Architecture

Industry: Architecture

Location: London, UK

A sustainable architecture and design firm based in London UK, Black Architecture commissioned us to develop a new portfolio website to modernise their digital presence, showcase their work to prospective clients and attract new talent to the firm.

What We Did

  • Website Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Website Analytics


To help Black Architecture form a new collective vision for their web presence that reinforces and repositions its offline brand, adds value to clients, drives new revenue and attracts new talent. The site needed to reflect the business’s core values, bringing to life their inquisitiveness, creativity and innovation.


After an extensive period of research and discovery, we developed a clear website strategy for Black Architecture, using comprehensive market and audience insights to guide the site’s UX, design and content. By understanding user behaviour through site audits and benchmarking, we developed a clear set of objectives and KPI’s against which to measure future site performance.

We crafted a simple yet intuitive site with a clean and modern aesthetic, based on a creative concept centred around the idea of a vertical spine from which all visual elements are hinged.

The blog, wittingly renamed to ‘blackboard’ as a play on words combining the brand identity with the notion of brainstorming or sketching out of ideas, displays news, articles and thought pieces in reverse date order. The use of varying image sizes gives the site a structured sense of disorder. All articles display within a pop-up overlay, keeping the visitor rooted to the main news page to encourage further reading.

The architecture page, a crucial element of the site which communicates Black’s core offering, continues the design theme of centralised content hinging from a vertical thread, again with images of varying sizes providing visual interest.

The individual project pages were designed simply to better showcase their work through impactful photography, keeping text-based content short, succinct and easily digestible.

Remaining site content is minimal, with pages containing information on the team and culture, helping to communicate personality, attract new clients and appeal to future candidates.

Overall the site is clean and uncluttered with a muted colour palette and an abundance of negative space to communicate lightness, minimalism and confidence.


The new site provides a clean slate for Black as they embark on a new era of growth. It supports the firm’s continued evolution and renewed focus on communications as they reestablish their digital presence.

In the six months since launch in January 2020, the site has seen steady growth in visitation and engagement, already achieving and exceeding metrics set across several KPI’s. We can’t wait to see what a continued investment in digital activity delivers for their business!

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“Working with The Curious Few to develop our new website enabled us to critically examine our key messages and how these should be presented. Their analysis of our practice, and subsequent website strategy, complemented our business plan – profiling our audiences, analysing our content and building upon our existing brand.


They challenged us and engaged in constructive debate, offering both sound technical and strategic advice. The website clearly and effectively delivers our vision, working seamlessly across a range of platforms.


Always proactive and professional, we look forward to our continued relationship as we maintain, analyse and improve our marketing efforts to build upon this projects success, raise our profile and engage our audiences.”

Steve Burr
Director, Black Architecture Ltd