Future forward: A refreshed visual identity for Boudica Developments Ltd

Boudica Developments stationary mock-up

Client: Boudica Development

Industry: Property Development

Location: London, UK

Boudica Developments is a UK-based commercial property developer operating predominantly throughout East Anglia and the South West of England. Boudica tasked us with refreshing their existing brand by modernising their company logo and developing a complementary and cohesive visual identity for use across business collateral and marketing channels.

What We Did

  • Brand Discovery
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Logo Development
  • Brand & Communications Guidelines


Our branding challenge was to refresh an existing identity which was dated in its design and did not accurately reflect the business’ core values. It needed to be unique within the property development sector, easily identifiable and suitable for use across marketing channels that varied in size and scope. The visual identity needed to stand out amongst competitors and give Boudica Developments a sense of gravitas within the market on both a professional and operational basis.


By clearly defining the company values and establishing a distinct tone of voice and brand language, we developed a complete visual identity to elevate Boudica Developments within the sector. A modernised logo is complemented by a colour palette and image style that conveys confidence and trust and works across multiple mediums, from large-scale roadside signage and development hoardings, to corporate stationery and social media.


There was a desire for the new identity to represent a radical transition from the heavily detailed and outdated style of the previous logo and to convey a simplistic, yet modern design aesthetic. We explored dozens of options and presented six unique concepts as a final selection. The client chose two concepts to progress for additional refinements, ultimately selecting a design that is distinctive within the space and conveys strength, innovation and unity. We were then commissioned to develop their corporate stationery and collateral (printed and digital), which is currently being rolled out across the business.