Selling the Scandinavian lifestyle: Generating excitement and interest from residential property buyers in the Norwegian fjords.

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Client: Stimi Development

Industry: Property Development

Location: Valdres, Norway

Stortnok is a residential housing development located in the Valdres region of Norway, under the banner of parent company Stimi Development (see previous work: Brand Stortnok). Stimi approached us to develop a teaser website to establish a digital presence for the development and showcase the residences for pre-sale. Stortnok is Norwegian for ‘spacious enough’ and reflects their approach to delivering stylishly designed homes which are both modern and functional, with just the right amount of space.

What We Did

  • Website Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Copywriting & Image Sourcing
  • Interactive Graphics Production
  • Copy Translation
  • Bi-lingual Website Development


Create a website that establishes Stimi Development as a serious player in the Norwegian property industry, whilst promoting Stortnok as a property brand and lifestyle. The site had to demonstrate commitment to manufacturers, suppliers and landowners, as well as build interest and demand from potential buyers. It also needed to be a vehicle for capturing leads, facilitating the growth of an email list for marketing new projects. The site needed to be modern, with the ability to scale as the project progressed, and deliver a user-friendly experience across any device.


Using key market insights, the site’s navigation was focussed around four themed pillars of content: Space, Design, Lifestyle & Location. In-line with the previously created brand and communications guidelines, persuasive copy was written and complementary images were sourced. We facilitated the copy translation from English to Norwegian and built out the site using WordPress and Divi, a highly customisable theme builder.

Phase I of the site build featured parallax scrolling and full-screen content, giving it a fresh, modern and aspirational feel. It included distinct calls to action, an email registration function and links back to parent company, Stimi Development.

Phase II of development saw the expansion of the site from a simple single-page teaser to a fully-fledged multi-page project site. New content was created including detailed property descriptions, unit specifications with slider graphics showing unit plans and interactive images with hotspot overlay details. A unit availability table and locality map were embedded and a revised homepage design completed the rollout.


The new website presents the developer, its people, and the properties in a fully responsive site, working seamlessly across all platforms and devices from desktop to mobile.

Our work achieved Stimi Development’s goal of communicating the modern and aspirational lifestyle available to buyers of Stortnok residences. It presented prospective buyers with all the information needed to make a considered purchasing decision and gave partners, suppliers and investors confidence in the firm’s ability to deliver a quality residential development.

“Our first website project with The Curious Few delivered us a simple yet engaging site that truly embodies the culture, spirit and ethos of our business. It clearly communicates all that we stand for and expertly showcases our property development in Norway to potential buyers. Extremely capable and a pleasure to work with, we highly recommend them to anyone seeking experienced and professional partners to help them realise their digital marketing vision.”

Knut Henschien
Founder, Stimi Development/Stortnok AS