Digital Communications Audits & Reviews

If you have a website and use other forms of digital marketing but aren’t getting the results you need to drive your business forward, we can help.

We offer a range of services designed to assess the effectiveness of your existing channels and to identify where improvements can be made for maximum efficiencies and results.


  • Digital communications audits
  • Website audit & benchmarking
  • Website usability appraisal
  • Competitor review & analysis

Digital communications audits

  • Ensure brand consistency across channels
  • Recommendations to increase reach and engagement

To ensure your channels are working in harmony with one another, our digital communications audit will provide an overview and quick win recommendations that can be easily implemented for maximum impact.

We also offer in-depth channel audits and strategy development for inbound and content marketing, including social media and on-site search engine optimisation.

Website audit and benchmarking

  • Understand current site performance through benchmarking
  • Recommendations to improve content to drive meaningful interactions

Your website needs to communicate your key messages clearly and effectively and should provide valuable content to attract your target audiences. Our website audit and benchmarking service will give you the information you need to make improvements to your website, including recommendations for both design and content.

Website usability appraisal

  • Understand site visitor pain points
  • Recommendations to improve site structure, navigation and content flow

Not only does your site need to communicate information well, it also needs to function effectively and be as user-friendly as possible. Visitors should be able to find and view the content they need quickly and easily. Our website usability appraisal will check just that.

Multichannel competitor review and analysis

  • Understand competitor positioning
  • Recommendations on how to use content as a differentiator in the market

To gain a competitive edge, you need a thorough understanding of what others in your field are offering. Our review of your competitors’ digital channels can shed light on where the gaps are and how you can effectively engage with potential and existing customers online.

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