Reporting & Analytics

If you have a website and use other digital communications channels but are unsure how best to measure your results, we can help.

We offer a range of reporting and analytics services designed to track and quantify the performance of your website and/or the success of your digital marketing communications and campaigns.

With the right access to insights, we can deliver detailed reporting so you can make informed decisions on the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts.


  • Website analytics
  • Social media reporting
  • Email marketing analytics

Website analytics

Using Google Analytics, we track key metrics that report on reach, engagement and conversion and provide in-depth analysis alongside actionable recommendations to improve your online visibility.

Social media reporting

Whether for on-going activity or campaign specific reporting, we can provide analysis on the effectiveness of your social media engagements and make recommendations for ways to maximise your results.

Email marketing analytics

Using the reporting tools within your email marketing platform, we track key metrics that report on deliverability, reach, engagement and conversion. Areas for improvement are identified and we advise ways to improve your email metrics.

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